About Us

 If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there...

Robert Kiyosaki 


The team at Write to Publish is made up of a combination of published writers of fiction and poetry in the traditional manner and online, and marketing professionals, all of whom have come together to present a course that will give you the tools that you need to become a better, and saleable, writer.

Our combined working knowledge, experience and relevant academic qualifications have enabled us to produce an online course that will teach you the actual craft of writing that you will be able to apply to your own work.

Everyone accepts that an artist or a musician is creative, yet they are not expected to wield a brush or an instrument and create a masterpiece without tuition. Many people, however, believe that a writer simply puts pen to paper and writes. This is crazy! Yes, you need to be creative, but once you have mastered the skills necessary to good writing, your creativity will become finely tuned.

We believe that there are many writers who are struggling because they have yet to learn the necessary skills. We are not claiming ‘take-our-course-and-you will-be-the-best-writer-ever-as-if-by-magic’. What we are saying is that if you are as serious about writing as we are, and you are prepared to work at it by applying the skills that we will teach you, then your writing will improve.

We know, from personal experience, what it feels like to have that burning desire to write. We also know how it feels when our demon inner critic tells us we’ll never be good enough. Because we know this, we will teach you how to be your best critic, not your worst. We will teach you to how to apply the craft, and how to have confidence in your ability – and then we will lead you through the all-important process of how to get published…

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